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Forum Launch Announcement!

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Forum Launch Announcement!

Post by FrostyBlue on Wed Apr 05, 2017 2:29 pm

Hello and welcome to the 4th reich's first forum. The site is still under a lot of work and posting ideas or improvements to suggestion thread would be helpful.

We are aiming to get more slots into our team speak server with non-profit license and one of the criteria is that we have to have a community site (forum for example). Anyway we are trying to make this forum as enjoyable and fun to use as possible. You can share your content to others and post about different stuff in our many forum threads Smile.

See if there is anything interesting in this site and if not there is no need to use it team speak server is still open for everybody to use and won't get affected from this forum mostly at all.

Sincerely FrostyBlue

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